Beer Making

Come into Brewer’s Paradise for a great selection of great tasting, ice cold beer!  The prices below are for brewing a “batch” of beer, which will give you 6 cases of 24 – 341ml bottles.  Prices include taxes.

American Lite, Lite Lager

Canoe Sex  (low carb/ ultra lite beer)

Canadian Lager, Niagara Lager, Mexican Hat Dance,  American Lager

Ice Beer,  Premium Draft,  Totally Mexican,

Froggy Ale, Kiwi Pilsner, Canadian Ale, Super Dry

Garden City Vienna,  Aussie Lager, Guelph Beer, Deerhead,

Irish Lager,  The Lime Lite,  Czech Pilsner


German Lager, Rectors Red, Keg X-Press, The Lime Light, Grope,

First Bitter, Octoberfest, V.P. Ale, Totally Awesome,

Dutch Lager,

Cream-Or, Bouncing Czech,  Stellar, Spotted Hen,

Basster Ale, Smith’s, English Ale, Brown Ale,

Wheat Beer, Rolling Stone, A Blue Ribbon(ABR)


Orange Moon,  Honey Brown, Heavy Hop,

Ask About Our Gluten Free Beer – Beer Belly Buster  $144.00


Killer Stout,